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What is your favorite things about summer?  My favorite things about summer are:  I love swimming, sleepovers, camping, playing outside till one o’clock in the morning, camp fires, my birthday party, going to Pennsylvania, staying with grandparents, visiting cousins, and having a great summer with the family!!!

Can you believe schools almost out?  Can you believe that summer is almost here?  Summer is finally almost here!!!  It’s been in the eighties all week.  It’s been super hot out and the sun hasn’t stopped shinning yet.  It’s hot enough to go swimming and all the pools open up this weekend.   I can’t wait to go to camp for three days strait.  Then Friday is our last day of school, I can’t wait!!!!

I hope everyone has a great four day weekend to enjoy the awesome weather with all their families!!!  Don’t get too burnt or you will be miserable at camp so wear lots of sunscreen.  Other than that have a wonderful weekend!!!!


Almost Summer

Do you like when it rains and it’s almost Summer and your expecting hot weather?  Do you like the chilly breeze and the little bit of sunshine?  What about still wearing jeans in May?  Are you ready to be out of school?

I’m not all for the rainy weather when it’s almost summer and when I expect nice warm weather.  I don’t like the the cold breeze that sends chills down your back .  I wish all of the sun was out and the weather was warmer than it is right now.  I don’t like rainy weather in May.

I’m ready to get out of all the winter clothes and get out all the summer clothes.  Wearing jeans and sweat shirts are not my favorite outfit when I’m ready for summer to be here.  I’m ready for tank tops and shorts.

I’m ready to be out of school for the summer in one way cause it’s hopefully going to warm up and we don’t have air conditioning in the buildings.  Also when it gets hot my brain stops working and I rather be at home or swimming!  I’ll miss my friends and teachers most of all my sixth grade class is one of the greatest I’ve ever had and it’s going to be really hard to leave everyone for a whole summer!!!  I’ll miss all the fun things we have done this year.   I’ll miss all the field trips.

I can’t wait till summer gets here!!!!  Can’t wait for the hot weather with a little bit of a breeze.  The seeing all my family.  Have fun in the sun and enjoy your summer!!!!!


For the last nine weeks the sixth graders got the opportunity to learn how to say no to drugs. We also learned how to avoid drugs, and how to walk away from the situation.  These strategies will help us in the future. These are some of the many things I learned  in D.A.R.E the last nine weeks!

This year in D.A.R.E we talked a lot about smoking and cigarettes.  I learned that smoking just one year can leave a jar worth of tar in your lungs.  Smoking is disgusting in so many ways.  Smoking gives you bad breath, and yellow teeth.  Smoking can harm you deep in your body, such as in your in lungs.  Smoking may even lead to lung cancer.  Cigarettes contain nicotine, nicotine is addictive.   I like to play sports and for a person like me smoking will cause breathing  problems which would make it hard for me to breath while playing sports.  All of these problems make it easy for me to say no to smoking.

My reputation is very important to me, what people think of me matters.  I’ve heard so many people say “Do you know that person smokes or drinks?” ” Isn’t that so gross. “I’m not hanging out with him or her”.   Doing drugs will effect your reputation and what people think of you.  I don’t want someone coming up to me and saying “Hey you’re that girl that drinks and smokes” or ” Did you brush your teeth? “Your breath stinks really bad”.  So I will say no to drugs when offered.

I think the D.A.R.E program is very helpful.  I think this program is needed to teach the kids all across the country to say no to drugs.  I think kids respect the fact that officers and teachers take the time out of the day to teach us how to say no to drugs.  This program is a fun and awesome way to learn how to say no!

I want to go to college and get a good education.  Drugs would get in the way of getting that good education and being smart, cause smoking kills brain cells.   When I get a job the manager wants a responsible worker.  If I smoke or do drugs I’m not the best person for the job.

My commitment for D.A.R.E is:  I pledge to not use drugs and to say no when someone says “Hey do you want to try this?”.  I pledge to be responsible for my actions.  I also pledge to set set a good example for other people.



I think I have integrity to a limit at school I have integrity in most everything I do.  At school I think I have integrity to get good grades and to respect the teachers, to have respect for classmates.  I have a job at school I’m here to learn, to have an education.  I’m not here to goof off and get in trouble all the time thats integrity.

I think everyone has their own integrity at school and at home and other places.

In Freak the Mighty I think Kevin has integrity to lie to Max.  I think this because Max would have been sad,and mad, he would loose his mind if Freak had told him the truth.  In a way think he was telling him that he was going to haven cause when he went back to the place Freak told him he was going to get the new bionic body the place was white like the clouds so in  the sky.


Have you ever read a book you couldn’t put down?  A book that is so good that you stayed up till 12:00 reading it?

The author of Gone is Lisa McMann.  Gone is part of a series the first book is WAKE, the second book is FADE, and the third book is GONE.  This series is  New York bestseller.   These books are young adult books.  Each book has about 300 pages.  You can find the series in the library.

This is a great series!  I didn’t put down this book for a week strait. I have never finished a 300 page book so quickly in my life.  Each book has a new problem to be solved.  I can’t wait to finish the series.


Do you control your destiny?  Is your destiny your choice or someone else’s?

In my opinion I think I control my destiny.  When you are a kid you can’t always make your own decisions.  I think if you earn your parents trust, keeping good grades, don’t get in too much trouble, then you earn more trust than if you were a bad kid and you had bad grades and got in trouble 24/7.

The choices I make will be what determines weather or not my parents trust me and let me  make some decisions on my own. I have to take control of my destiny by being a good kid.  If I set that example then other people are going to see that I get to choose what I get to do, because I have a good attitude and I am a good kid.

Something that I am going to do to be successful is turn in homework on time.  I’m going to follow directions and pat attention.  All of these things can help me have a better destiny.

Fun Day Outside!!!

Have you ever had a  fun day in the rain?   Have ever sat back and just had a fun day with your little siblings?

Yesterday I and my two sisters, Cadence and Brylee played in the rain.   We played kickball in the rain, Cadence would pick up the ball and set it right in front of her and I and Brylee would tell Cadence every time “don’t pick up the ball”.   Then when cadence learned to leave the ball on the ground , then her new problem was she couldn’t stay on her feet, every time she kicked the ball she fell, cause the grass was wet.

We played tag and that was fun. I only slipped twice which is good for me.  Then we tried to play sound tag (that’s where you try to tag people with your eyes close and they have to make noises so you can tag them)   but  that didn’t work out, cause I an into a tree Bry and Cadence just laughed at me.  Really funny huh!!!

Later on after that we ha d rolled down the hill and had a mud fight we decided we would get showers.  Then I shot a paintball gun. My pap let Cadence and Bry both shoot the gun he is so crazy I know!   After we shot the gun for about an hour then we run out of gas.   I, Bry, and Cadence went and got the paint balls that were full of paint and busted them.  Bylee busted a paint ball right in her eye we started dieing  laughing.  I busted one all over my yellow shirt.  Did I mention these paint balls were a neon pink!!!!  Oddly Cadence didn’t get any squirted on her.

So that was my fun day!  Hope you enjoyed the story!!!


I am so close to reaching my potential! I have learned so much this year.  I think all of the sixth grade has improved so much from last year.  I know that I have improved and learned more things this year than ever.

On a potential-meter 1-100, I think I fall under a 90, because almost everyday I learn something new.  I think that I still have a lot of learning to do.

My best is a 100 but to achieve that 100 is a task.  I can pay attention in class, ask questions, and turn in all my work on time all these things can help to get to that 100 on the potential-meter! There are endless possibilities to achieve that 100, just have to put forth the effort to get to the 100!

I feel really confident about the big OAT test.  The teachers have done a awesome job on teaching every student how to attack words and how to use strategies.  I feel like I’m going to pass with no problem and it is thanks

Best Buddies

I have lots of friends and yesterday I name all the girls today I’m going name all boys that are my friends!

Justin g.  is weird and funny.   Justin plays lots of sports the one he talks about most is wrestling.

Micah is funny and smart.  Micah likes basketball he is so good at it, Savannah (my best friend) gave his ” move ” a name and everyone started calling a lay up the Micah move!

Noah and Eric are nice people!  I talk to Noah and Eric a lot on the morning bus!  Him and Eric come up with the funnest jokes and they make everyone on bus laugh!!!

Ian is super smart and has a ton of friends!

Rylee is funny he is like the classclown!

RJ likes to be funny he gets in way to much trouble!

David likes sports and loves to watch T.V. all the time! He always asks tons and tons of questions!

These are just a few of the boys that are good friends!!!

Saturday School

Today is our last day of Saturday school.  This is our forth Saturday and this is our last Saturday.

I liked coming on Saturday cause you only have to go half a day thats not that bad and you get to see all your friends.  I don’t have any problem with coming Saturdays. I like to talk to my friends and play on the computers.

The only thing I don’t like is waking up so early!  Normally my alarm goes off and I just lay in bed and I don’t get up.  Other than that I don’t have any problem with Saturday school.